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End the pain and addiction to the ex on a mental, emotional and spiritual level within less than 60 minutes!

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The Science of Attracting Love Meditation Bundle Set Offer

The Secrets To The Science of Attracting Love Within Less Than 6 Months
Without Heartbreak, Dating Failure or Drama...
So You Can Have More Quality Options, Attract Wealthier Men, and Date Without Drama!"

What you'll get:

  • Digital Copy of Book ($27 Value)
  • Healing Meditation Kit ($150 value)
  • Bonus: Online Dating Made Easy Bundle ($299)





 DISCLAIMER: It’s important to know that my results are not typical nor is my experience. I am not implying that you will duplicate them (or actually do anything for that matter) as the average person who buys any “how to” manual generally does very little with it and because of this inaction gets little to no results. Love also entails risk and nothing in life is guaranteed.  This is for those who want to DO THE WORK and INVEST IN THEMSELVES.  My most successful clients followed my advice to the tee.  They didn't push back or pick and choose which part of the system to follow.   If you are not willing to accept that then PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS BOOK.

What People Are Saying:

“I felt so empowered after reading this book. After leaving an abusive relationship three years ago, I was determined to get it right this time and attract a healthy relationship. With this book I discovered all of the things that were holding me back. Shay taught me secrets to men and dating that I have never read anywhere else. This book is a must-read for all woman. ”

~RS, Miami, FL

“I am a divorced mother of two kids. I always settled when it came to relationships but was such in my way of doing things. 'The Science of Attracting Love' helped open my eyes to the fact that I was settling when it came to love. I am now dating an amazing guy who treats me like a queen. Get the book! ~KW, South Carolina”

~KW, South Carolina

“I am a professional woman who always had it together. I have everything that a girl could ask for: a home, cars, great career, and wonderful friends but I still felt like I was missing something. Shay's book helped me complete the puzzle! It was as if I was a man magnet and finally able to magnetize my soulmate. This book is like magic! ”

~MP, Chicago, IL

“My life changed after I read Shay's book. I went from going six years without a date to having multiple options a week. My new problem now is figuring which great guy I would like to settle down with. ”

~TH, Huston, TX

“I felt like such a failure when it came to dating. I made so many mistakes that I was gun shy about getting hurt again. Once I read 'The Science of Attracting Love' my mindset changed! I am now equipped with how to heal my issues and attract love. My boyfriend is absolutely amazing! I can not believe I settled in the past! ”

~SD, Atlanta, GA